Banana Split in a Glass

The One With A New Camera

Well, hello all! A few things here to tell you about and they are all good, happy things First of all, as the title implies, I GOT A NEW CAMERA!! Excuse the yelling but…well… I AM SO EXCITED!! Ok, enough with the yelling. After four years with my trusty Canon Rebel XTi, I very unexpectedly […]

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Spring Equals New Beginnings

Spring is the time of year that makes me want to shed my skin.  My feet get itchy, craving an adventure.  I want hot dusty roads, bare shoulders, beat up gas stations in the middle of  nowhere, cherry coke on a deserted Pacific coast beach, golden prairie wheat fields that run forever until they meet […]

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Is Food Photography in a Rut?

  This post has been written over several weeks and is the culmination of several things that have been swirling in my brain, both personally, professionally and as a blogger.  It’s not as articulate as I’d like it to be but it is heartfelt.  It’s not meant to be critical – instead, I hope it […]

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