Grilled Cheese Apple Naan Sandwiches

I’ve been feeling a little bleah about my photography lately, especially food. I have this lovely new camera and I should be flying. But in all honesty, it’s sooo muucch worrrrrk (read that like a mopey 15 year old groaning about having to do their own laundry).  I know my mom reads this pretty regularly […]

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And the Winner Is…

Happy Canada Day all! Not to get all mushy on ya all but, I loves my country I’m a lucky, lucky girl to live here. And just as I write this, my iPod has popped on Wheat Kings by the Tragically Hip – perhaps my all time favorite Hip song. Doesn’t get any more Canadian […]

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Strawberry Lemon Bars

One of the benefits of my job is, I have a lot of creative clients.  This makes me ridiculously happy for many reasons.  But, here’s one of the best reasons: I get to do totally fun stuff with them that I wouldn’t get to do if I still worked in a corporate office. My first […]

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The Power of Fresh Food

Mother Nature is… well, I don’t know if she’s terribly pleased with us this year.  Everything is about a month behind, garden wise. I went out early in the week and took these.  Everything’s trying hard but would you really want to grow if all it did was rain and you never saw the sun? […]

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S’more Mars Bars

When I went to bed Friday night, it was the middle of June.  When I woke up the next morning, I could have sworn I’d slept straight through to mid-November.  It was wet, cold, dark and miserable. Figures. It was the first weekend in weeks where I didn’t have commitments or have to work.  Bah. […]

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Cheer Up With Lollipops and Jello

Meh. That’s right.  Meh. You know, if I had a middle name (which I don’t) and if it started with “E” (which it doesn’t because I don’t), my initials would be MEH. On Wednesday night, a few 100 jacked up, drunken criminals decided to take it upon themselves to rip apart the city I call […]

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