Bake for the Quake – Vancouver

This is a public service post aimed at all Vancouver bakers, whether you’re a foodblogger, a professional or somebody who makes a mean pie crust in your own kitchen. We have all watched in shock and sorrow at the devastation  that has occurred in Japan over the past few weeks and so many of us […]

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Chocolate Chip Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

The Happy Baker’s Go To Cookie

A few weeks ago, I was perusing Chapter’s cookbook section, as one often does when one is: hungry looking for photography inspiration looking for recipe inspiration waiting forever for somebody to show up for your coffee date… I do this with alarming frequency, which given my inability to leave Chapters without buying something, is probably […]

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Chai Snickerdoodles and Cookie Monster

  Spring is here.  Finally.  March has definitely come in like a lion in these parts with wind and rain to spare.  But yesterday… yesterday was glorious!  The windows in my office were wide open (benefit 8, subsection A-1.2 of Melissa’s Working From Home Guide) and I got to run in my capris and tanktop […]

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Chick Pea Beef Curry

I have a confession to make: most of the time I’m a make ahead blogger. What I mean by that is, because the focus of my blog is food photography and light is scarce in winter, I often do most of my cooking, shooting and writing on the weekends. (oh… I cannot wait for summer […]

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Lemon Curd

The first time I remember having lemon curd was when I was 15 and visiting England for the second time.  (My first trip was when I was two.  All I remember was I had a jigsaw puzzle that I got to do on the plane and I think it came in a tin.  I still […]

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Strawberry Lemon Tarts

Strawberries and lemons. They’re so pretty.  And especially together.  Tart and sweet.   So different but so committed to making their relationship work out. I love strawberry lemon tarts because they have so many layers of flavours.  You might not think so.. you might think they only have two: strawberries and lemons.  But you would be […]

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