Chocolate Pudding

    All I have to say today is… some days you need chocolate pudding.  Some days, you don’t. But either way, it’s always good to have. And because I’m a cheaterpants, this is jello instant pudding.  That’s right.  You can disown me now if you want. But it was still good. And fast. Emergency […]

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Mac n Cheese with Ham

I loves me a good Mac n Cheese dish.  It may be my all-time favourite comfort food and while I’ve made a few good ones in my life, this is hands down the best ever.  It’s not fancy or difficult.  Every ingredient will probably be in your pantry.  No fancy cheeses, nothing out of the […]

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Sweet Chili Yogurt Dip

Quick and dirty post today. I am constantly on the quest for new ways to use up yogurt and it’s so great for dipping stuff into. I like apple slices for my mid-afternoon snack and they go well with yogurt. This is a quick and easy dip (really… 30 seconds at most) and after the […]

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Orange Ginger Pork Stir Fry

I’m tired of sweets and cookies. Unfortunately, they seem to be one of the few things that lend themselves to shooting in the few decent hours of daylight that I get this time of year. So, I threw caution to the wind and photographed my dinner concoction the other night under the kitchen table light […]

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Valentine’s Day – A Gift FOR the Heart

I do not love Valentine’s Day – let’s just get that out of the way right off the bat.  But, I will spare you all my little Valentine’s Day rant (you don’t know how lucky you all are!) However, I do love a few other things (no, not just salt, caramel and chocolate).  I love […]

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Upon Reflection – Shooting Food with a Reflector

After photographing the delicious salted caramel chocolate cookies on the weekend, I had a few shots  that really highlighted the effect a simple reflector can have on a photo and I thought this would be a good opportunity for a food photography tip. What is a reflector? First things first, right?  What exactly is a […]

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