The beach at Lake Ontario

Oshawa Food and Scenery

I’m a bit of an odd foodblogger because, despite my blog being much more about photography than the food, I very rarely take photos in restaurants.  At least, not with my big camera. I’m not sure why.  I will do it on occasion but it has to feel right.  And most of the time it […]

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Rootbeer Floats

Dinner at O&B Canteen, Toronto

Ok.  Here it is, the post y’all have been waiting for (that’s a little southern drawl, just for Ethan).  I know this, because this dinner was one of the absolute highlights of my trip and I was practically levitating with excitement all day leading up to it. In fact, I was so excited, that I […]

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plant seedling

A Few Lessons in Urban Agriculture

I’m back!  Back from one of my most grueling weeks of the year, work-wise.  (and a big thank you to Sylvia for filling in so nicely for me here – I hope you all had a chance to check out her blog after seeing her guest post – if not, make sure you do!). Most […]

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Comfort Chocolate Cake

I’m out of town working this week so I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce you to not only one of my favourite photographers, but also, my good friend Sylvia, who graciously agreed to write a guest post for me. Sylvia and I “met” back in 2004/5 online through and discovered […]

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Banana Split in a Glass

The One With A New Camera

Well, hello all! A few things here to tell you about and they are all good, happy things First of all, as the title implies, I GOT A NEW CAMERA!! Excuse the yelling but…well… I AM SO EXCITED!! Ok, enough with the yelling. After four years with my trusty Canon Rebel XTi, I very unexpectedly […]

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