Weekend In My Studio

A while back I mentioned that I’d be changing things up a bit through the new year and getting back to my roots.  You see, when I started this blog back in 2010, it was never meant to be a food blog. It was simply going to be a place where I could write and […]

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Snowy Trinity Bellwood Park, Toronto

Crying on a Plane – There’s No Food Here

Airplanes make me cry. Every time I get on a plane, I wind up crying.  Every single time. I blame it on the altitude.   All that oxygen depleted air makes your tear ducts go in to overdrive.  I’m sure there’s science to back it up.  Right? Usually it’s the movie – even if it’s […]

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Valentine's Day Heart Art | eyes bigger than my stomach

Valentine Heart Art (Or Playing With My Food)

I’m not super big on Valentine’s Day. I’m not super big on anything where you’re made to feel obligated to give or do things.  It’s partly why I hate birthdays, don’t like the gift aspect of Christmas and struggle with Mothers and Father’s day.   I don’t like my giving (or receiving) to be mandated by […]

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