Before & After Monday: Watermarking Your Images in Lightroom

Watermarking Your Images in Lightroom

One of the questions I get asked about regularly is how to watermark your images.  Watermarking can be done in so many different ways, depending on the software you use. I have watermarked my food photography images in Photoshop with a straight forward textbox.  I’ve also created a Photoshop brush using text so I can simply add a watermark with one click.  And, I’ve created

Before & After Monday: Using Mirrors for Focused Light

adding focused light with mirrors |

No, this isn’t a repeat post although you’d be excused for thinking so based on the photos looking just like Friday’s post! I thought I’d do a short “Before and After Monday tutorial” on using mirrors to add focused, directional light to your food photographs because it’s been a while and this is a very useful, handy and easy tip to help you with your

Before & After Monday – Lightroom’s Graduated Filter for Food Photography

Before & After - Lightroom Graduated Filters

Alright… it’s been a while since we’ve had a Before & After Monday so let’s talk about something so super simple that you can do in Adobe Lightroom that can make a dramatic difference to your photos:  the Graduated Filter tool. And when I say super simple, I mean super simple.  This little gem of a tool is easy to miss, especially if you’re new

Cocoa Nymph and Photographing Chocolate


Last week Sean and I had the opportunity to visit Cocoa Nymph Chocolates and Confections, here in Vancouver, and have a behind the scenes look with owner and head chocolatiere, Rachel Sawatsky. It was, in a word, awesome. Like getting a golden ticket.  Except, it was just the two of us, and we got to try stuff and nobody got carried away by oompah loompahs

Before & After Monday: Post Processing Potatoes


Time for another before and after Monday! It’s harvest season which means lots of stuff coming in from the garden.  It’s one of my favourite things to photograph – I think because it’s food in its rawest form: covered in dirt, with leaves and peels attached – straight from the earth.  It’s satisfying. Before we get started I’ll say what I’ve said before.  I try

Before & After: Cropping & Exposure with Mint Syrup

before and after post processing photographs

  Last week’s photo was an easy start.  It was pretty decent looking to begin with.  So this week I thought I’d pick a photo that needed a bit more work.  And the funny thing is, it took barely any longer to fix this one than last week’s. I have tons of mint so I decided to brew up a batch of mint syrup.  This

Before & After Monday: Food Photo Post Processing Raspberries

Raspberries in a glass bowl

I thought I’d try something new here on the ol’ blog. I take a lot of photos.  I actually take a lot of food photos that never make it here because they’re not attached to a recipe.  And let’s all be honest, readers want recipes.  If traffic is your game, then it’s scary to do a post without a recipe (although, to be honest, 4

Blueberries and a Basic Food Photography Post Processing Tutorial


Today I thought I’d spend some time introducing you to the very basics of post processing food photographs. I think it’s very important, especially for beginners, to know that very, very few of the food photographs you see in magazines and on droolworthy blogs came out of the camera looking that way.  Very few. I’d venture to say none. When you’re first starting out, you