Morning Smoothie Starts

Pineapple Green Smoothie | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

Sometimes, when I come across something out of the blue that piques my interest, I can become a little bit obsessive with it. Like the time I fell in love with West Side Story and listened to the soundtrack over and over and over again. Or when I discovered Old Navy’s ribbed tank tops and bought them in every colour I could get my hands on (seriously,

Food Photography And Styling Inspiration From the Print World

Food Styling and Food Photography Inspiration From the Print World

We talk a lot about food photography and food styling in the food blogging world.  I think we’re sort of obsessed with it.  I know I am! Ages ago I wrote about a post asking if food bloggers were caught in a rut with their food photography?  It got a LOT of feedback. Haha! I think because most of us aren’t professional photographers and because

Focusing on Food Photo Essays and Using Steller

Creating Food Photo Essays in Steller

Pretty much since I first picked up a camera, the idea of the photo essay has intrigued me.  The concept of telling a story from start to finish with just images and no, or very few, words, is both daunting and challenging and something I’ve been wanting to do more of for the last two years. So, I’ve decided, among other things, that in 2015 I’m

6 Tips for Photographing Food With Summer Light

6 easy tips for photographing food with summer light | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

Summer is a wonderful time for food photography and food bloggers.  The light… oh the light!  Here’s 6 tips to get the most out of summer’s light for your food photography. For food bloggers, winter can be the bain of our existence.  Photographing dinner at 3pm just to catch the fading light isn’t really great for anyone.   Gloomy days, rain, snow, sleet and cold can

5 Reasons Why I Love Burger Heaven (and shooting food with a smart phone)

Five Reasons Why I love Burger Heaven (and shooting food with a mobile phone) | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

I have lived in Vancouver for over 37 years.  That almost, but not quite, makes me a unicorn (we call people who are born and raised in Vancouver unicorns – because nobody’s totally sure if they exist, they’re so rare!).  However, my younger brother is a unicorn and so is Food Husband Sean so I do know they’re not a myth! When you’ve lived in

Butter Baked Goods, Mixed Berry Muffins and Post Processing

Butter Baked Good, Mixed Berry Muffins and Post Processing

I have been quiet in this space lately.  But not quiet overall.  When I haven’t been doing client work, I’ve been busy doing a lot of writing.  Far more than I usually do.  I spent most of January working on a 31 Day Clean Up Your Blog series over at Food Bloggers of Canada along with my charming chum and FBC partner in crime, Ethan

5 Items Every Food Blogger Should Have in Their Photography Kit

5 essential items for every food blogger's photography kit | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

Food photography is something us food bloggers take pretty seriously.  We load up on props, agonize over the lack of natural light in winter, struggle with post processing and try our best to improve our craft. And let’s face it, photography is not the cheapest hobby or profession out there.  Gear costs money and it’s hard not to fall prey to the lure of the

Before & After Monday: Watermarking Your Images in Lightroom

Watermarking Your Images in Lightroom

One of the questions I get asked about regularly is how to watermark your images.  Watermarking can be done in so many different ways, depending on the software you use. I have watermarked my food photography images in Photoshop with a straight forward textbox.  I’ve also created a Photoshop brush using text so I can simply add a watermark with one click.  And, I’ve created

Before & After Monday: Using Mirrors for Focused Light

adding focused light with mirrors |

No, this isn’t a repeat post although you’d be excused for thinking so based on the photos looking just like Friday’s post! I thought I’d do a short “Before and After Monday tutorial” on using mirrors to add focused, directional light to your food photographs because it’s been a while and this is a very useful, handy and easy tip to help you with your

Friday Tea & Chocolate: Bissinger’s Banana Pecan Caramel Bar

Bigginger's Banana Pecan Caramel Peruvian Pink Salt |

A few months ago I reviewed one of the best chocolate bars I’ve tried in a very, very long time. The Bissinger’s Coconut Caramel Bar.  It was a perfect blend of chocolate, coconut and salty, thick caramel. So, you can imagine my excitement when I was out shopping and found another Bissinger’s bar in Urban Fare – the Banana Pecan Caramel Peruvian Pink Salt bar!