Dining In Toronto – My Current Downtown Favourites

Places to Eat in Downtown Toronto

The last year has seen me spending a lot of time back east with multiple stops in Toronto and Montreal. And that has meant a couple of things: a lot of sleeping on a friend’s couch and a lot of dining out!  Today I’m writing about some of my current favourite places to eat in the Toronto downtown core. I’ve spent so much time working

Garde Manger and the Lights of Notre Dame Basilica

Garde Manger Menu Board

I’ve just returned from what feels like a whirlwind two week trip through Toronto, Montreal and then Toronto again (yes… again!).  I’d hoped to blog about it as it happened but, technical difficulties with my hosting thwarted me once again!  I think it’s all sorted out now though.  I feel like I should whisper that or knock on wood or something so I don’t tempt

5 Reasons Why I Love Burger Heaven (and shooting food with a smart phone)

Five Reasons Why I love Burger Heaven (and shooting food with a mobile phone) | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

I have lived in Vancouver for over 37 years.  That almost, but not quite, makes me a unicorn (we call people who are born and raised in Vancouver unicorns – because nobody’s totally sure if they exist, they’re so rare!).  However, my younger brother is a unicorn and so is Food Husband Sean so I do know they’re not a myth! When you’ve lived in

5 Reasons Why I Love Pho Tam

Pho Tam Pho #11

I have been visiting Pho Tam in Surrey for the last couple of years.  Ethan and I have had many an FBC meeting in this humble spot in the Whalley area of Surrey.  (If you follow Ethan on Instagram, then you know he has a fondness for Pho and many of his photos are shot in this restaurant!). It was only recently that I found

friday tea & chocolate: urban tea merchants moon cake festival

moon cake festival at the urban tea merchant | www.eyesbiggerthanmystomach.com

Last Friday I had the treat of attending the Moon Festival Tea Service at The Urban Tea Merchant here in Vancouver.  Food Husband Sean had been asked to write about the service for another publication and he was allowed to bring a guest so who better than his tea junkie Food Wife, right? The Urban Tea Merchant is a place we’ve passed by many, many

An Okanagan Food & Wine Journey Part 2

Okanagan vista of vineyards and orchards

After giving you the tour of our first day in the Okanagan, it was high time to reappear with day two.  Day two was our only full day in the area and we packed as much in as we could. We started out the day at the Okanagan Lavender Herb farm.  If you love lavender, then this is the place to be.  The scent permeates

The Richmond Night Market

night market 1

How many of you have an Asian Night Market in your city? If you do, you should go. It’s an experience! Vancouver is lucky – we have three – two in Richmond and one in downtown Vancouver.  They are a total feast for the eyes, ears and, most importantly, the stomach. Last weekend, Food Husband Sean, Ethan, and I decided to hit up the Richmond

Vancouver Food Cart Fest

yolks chicken and waffles

Vancouver has long been at the forefront of the food truck scene in Canada and has been named one of the top three food cart cities in North America.  So it’s really no surprise that numerous festivals throughout the city advertise a heavy food truck presence. But it was only last year that a full on Food Cart Fest was organized, running every weekend throughout

Wordless Wednesday: Mosaic Chef’s Tasting Menu June 14th – June 28th

mosaic chef's tasting menu

Even though I feel like I’m slowly getting my writing groove back, I find I kind of like doing these Wordless Wednesday posts.  So I think I might keep doing them.  It’s a nice way to share photos. Today’s are from the new Chef’s Tasting Menu at Vancouver’s Mosaic at the Hyatt.  It’s running from June 14th – 28th.  I got to taste every dish