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Cocoa Chocolate Chip Cookies amidst paint cans

Cocoa Candy Chocolate Chipper Cookies

Okie dokie.  The weather, is lousy.  I’m bored of dark moody photos when it’s dark and moody enough outside.  It’s not Thanksgiving in Canada so I’m not much fussed about pumpkin, turkey, cranberry or mashed potato recipes (been there, done that – sorry folks).  I’m not ready to do Christmas baking soooo… Let’s make cookies! […]

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Stacks of cookies

Currant Cookies & Thanksgiving

This weekend is my absolute favourite holiday – Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s about giving thanks for the harvest, which is truly in it’s prime in October.  I love it because it is the one holiday of the year in this country that isn’t wrapped up in commercialism.  Oh it’s there alright, but it’s minimal compared to […]

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cookies and milk

Chocolate Rhubarb Cookies

My love for rhubarb is no secret.  And neither is my love for chocolate.  Tangy and tart mixed with sweet and chocolatey… could it be a match made in heaven?  Possibly? I say yes. One of the perks of my little gig in Ottawa was coming home with some freebies… freebies in the form of […]

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Garage Sale Cookies and Meat & Bread

March in Vancouver has been suffering from an identity crisis.  It doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do.  One minute, gorgeous blue skies, crocuses, warm breezes, the next snow, then hurricane force winds, then rain, them some blues skies… often all in the same day! Do you take the umbrella?  Do you wear […]

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