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Sour Cream Peach Pie | eyes bigger than my stomach

Sour Cream Peach Pie

One of my favourite pies… scratch that… my very favourite pie, is my mom’s Sour Cream Apple Pie.  To me, it’s pie perfection – tender flaky pastry, succulent apples mixed with tangy sour cream and a perfect cinnamon brown sugar topping.  Autumn in a pie plate.  But then, then I saw Greg’s post for PEACH […]

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peach and cherry tart | eyes bigger than my stomach

Rustic Peach and Cherry Honey Tart

I am back with more Okanagan bounty.  I’m afraid to say I don’t think this will be the last post about my Okanagan goodies but seriously, when they’re THIS GOOD, who cares, right? I love making rustic tarts with puff pastry.  First of all, they’re super easy (if you totally cheat like me and buy […]

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raspberry pecan muffins | eyes bigger than my stomach

Raspberry Pecan Muffins

It has, frankly, been too damn hot and sunny and un-Vancouver like to have my oven on this summer.  We went the entire month of July without a drop of rain – that’s the first time on record that’s happened. That’s why this blog has been so recipe free lately.  I’m not turning on the […]

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Rhubarb muffins in lemon or chocolate |

Lemon or Chocolate? Rhubarb Muffin Choices

If you had to choose, between lemon or chocolate, what would your choice be?  Throw some rhubarb into the mix and would it make your decision any easier? Think about it… tart lemon with pockets of rhubarb, toasted coconut and sweet blueberries topped with a brown sugar, coconut, lemon zest streusel… or … moist zingy […]

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Coconut Key Lime Squares

Citrus is such a January thing.  Which is good – because citrus fruits are light, fresh, cheerful, juicy and refreshing – all the things January desperately needs.  And, they go well with vodka.  If nothing else, vodka with a splash of lime or orange will definitely improve January.  Not that I’m encouraging drinking to evade […]

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