Roasted Rosemary Golden Beet Chips

Roasted Rosemary Beet Chips | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

Crispy, savoury beet chips are a perfect, healthy chips snack that’s easy to make with just 5 ingredients! Growing up, my dad was a serious vegetable gardener.  My brother and I were always very aware of where food came from – we picked and shelled peas – eating as many as we could get away with in the process.  We would get lost amongst the

Zucchini (Courgette) Goat Cheese Tart

Zucchini Goat Cheese Tart |

I bought zucchini in August.  That’s right.  I bought it. Who does that???  Well, apparently, I do. This is the time of year when people are overrun with zucchini and it’s not unusual to find yourself with a few left on your doorstep courtesy of a desperate gardening neighbour who has taken to dropping off buckets full in the middle of the night! But, while

Easy Guacamole

easy guacamole |

The title of this post is misleading.  It implies guacamole is difficult to make when it’s actually one of the world’s easiest things to whip up. I’ve been on an avocado kick for the past month.  I do that.  I go through phases with avocados.  I’ll eat them every day for weeks and then lose all interest for months.  Unless they’re in my sushi rolls.

Curried Blue Cheese Apple Salad

Disclosure notice: I was provided with free product by Castello cheese for the purpose of writing this post.  All opinions stated within are my own. It’s really not a secret around here that I have a weakness for cheese.  Any kind of cheese.  Despite being lactose intolerant, I add it to everything.  It just makes stuff better.  And that’s what those little Lactaid pills are

Sweet Chili Yogurt Dip

Quick and dirty post today. I am constantly on the quest for new ways to use up yogurt and it’s so great for dipping stuff into. I like apple slices for my mid-afternoon snack and they go well with yogurt. This is a quick and easy dip (really… 30 seconds at most) and after the success of the vanilla cinnamon dip I thought I’d post

Vanilla Cinnamon Dip

I usually go through yogurt pretty quickly around here but for some reason… over the holidays I’ve slowed down.  Probably because I went through my usual holiday phase of “is that healthy?  yes?  no thanks!” and proceeded to eat something laced with sugar, butter or chocolate.  Or all of those. So back to my January stripped down food kick.  I needed to use up yogurt


Fresh salsa is so easy to make and makes great use of summer produce – especially tomatoes! And it tastes so much better than supermarket jarred salsa. In keeping with the whole tomato theme right now, I decided to make fresh salsa this weekend. If you’re looking for ways to use up your tomatoes, salsa is one of the easiest things you can make. And