Valentine Heart Art (Or Playing With My Food)

Valentine's Day Heart Art | eyes bigger than my stomach

I’m not super big on Valentine’s Day. I’m not super big on anything where you’re made to feel obligated to give or do things.  It’s partly why I hate birthdays, don’t like the gift aspect of Christmas and struggle with Mothers and Father’s day.   I don’t like my giving (or receiving) to be mandated by a calendar.   I prefer it to be mandated by

Focusing on Food Photo Essays and Using Steller

Creating Food Photo Essays in Steller

Pretty much since I first picked up a camera, the idea of the photo essay has intrigued me.  The concept of telling a story from start to finish with just images and no, or very few, words, is both daunting and challenging and something I’ve been wanting to do more of for the last two years. So, I’ve decided, among other things, that in 2015 I’m

KitchenAid Cook For The Cure Chef’s School

KitchenAid Cook For The Cure Chef's School | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

In my last post I mentioned that the reason for my trip back east was to attend the KitchenAid Cook For the Cure weekend.  Today I thought I’d share the experience with all of you because it was so much fun – and all for a very worthy cause – the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Clockwise from top left: The Culinary Showdown trophy, Chef Susur

Garde Manger and the Lights of Notre Dame Basilica

Garde Manger Menu Board

I’ve just returned from what feels like a whirlwind two week trip through Toronto, Montreal and then Toronto again (yes… again!).  I’d hoped to blog about it as it happened but, technical difficulties with my hosting thwarted me once again!  I think it’s all sorted out now though.  I feel like I should whisper that or knock on wood or something so I don’t tempt

On Food, Photography and My Creative Life

Ramen, magazines and thoughts on creativity

Oh hello there!  Remember me? No, I haven’t stopped blogging.  Or thinking about blogging.  I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Two things happened – the first was FBC2014, the Canadian food blogging conference we put on over at Food Bloggers of Canada every year .  It becomes all consuming in the month leading up to the conference but it’s worth it.  I

Okanagan Journey Part 3: Honey & Lemon Meringue

Garlic hanging at Arlo Honey

It’s pretty impressive just how much Ethan and I packed into our three day sojourn to and from the Okanagan.  It helps that the list of things to do in a relatively small area is pretty impressive: wineries, orchards, farms, small producers… As we were told while we were there, you hear a lot about the 100mile diet but the Okanagan is more like the

An Okanagan Food & Wine Journey Part 2

Okanagan vista of vineyards and orchards

After giving you the tour of our first day in the Okanagan, it was high time to reappear with day two.  Day two was our only full day in the area and we packed as much in as we could. We started out the day at the Okanagan Lavender Herb farm.  If you love lavender, then this is the place to be.  The scent permeates

The Magical Okanagan Valley Part 1: Wine, Cheese & Being a Farmer

Carmelis Goat Cheese Artisan

The Okanagan Valley is a special place in BC – I think it has a little bit of magic surrounding it.  In summer and early fall, it becomes the fruit basket and wine glass of Canada.  Orchards, and vineyards as far as the eye can see – dotting the shores of Okanagan Lake, home of the mythical Ogopogo Sea Monster. Interspersed in all that lush

Wordless Wednesday: Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam

Food Photography Notes I’m not going to give a blow by blow because it is Wordless Wednesday but, I’ve been playing with some Florabella Actions in Photoshop for these image (except the top one – that was all done in LR).  I started in LR, did a quick export to Photoshop, ran the actions and then saved back to Lightroom to finish up with sharpening,

Vancouver Food Cart Fest

yolks chicken and waffles

Vancouver has long been at the forefront of the food truck scene in Canada and has been named one of the top three food cart cities in North America.  So it’s really no surprise that numerous festivals throughout the city advertise a heavy food truck presence. But it was only last year that a full on Food Cart Fest was organized, running every weekend throughout