Friday Tea & Chocolate: Tea Leaf Co.

Friday Tea & Chocolate: Tea Leaf Co | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

  A couple of months ago I was introduced to Tea Leaf Co (TLC… cute, no?) while chatting with a few people on Twitter.  When the company overheard the conversation, they offered to send me a sample of a few of their teas to try and well.. who can say no to tea?  Not me! I was only expecting two or three samples but they

Friday Tea & Chocolate: Chocolate Chai

Friday Tea & Chocolate: Chocolate Chai | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

Today is a true Friday tea and chocolate.  We have tea and we have chocolate and I’ve put them together in a Chocolate Chai – two of my favourite things.  But first… A few weeks ago I discovered there was such a thing as a “Dirty Chai”.  Did you know this existed? I didn’t.  And this made me feel very old and not hip because

Friday Tea & Chocolate: The Amoda Tea Monthly Box

Friday Tea and Chocolate: The Monthly Amoda Tea Box

I can’t get through my day without at least three cups of tea.  Sometimes more. That’s a lot of tea. My first morning cuppa has to be English Breakfast tea.  That’s non-negotiable.  Mornings and I don’t get along,  Period.  So I need my shot of caffeine but I also need routine to ease me into the whole daylight/morning/work thing (shudder). The rest of the day

Friday Tea & Chocolate: Ethereal Chocolate

Friday Tea & Chocolate: Ethereal Chocolate | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

There is a lovely little chocolate shop in Vancouver that I always forget is there, except when I’m nowhere near it.  It’s called Xoxolat and lives in Yaletown on Homer Street.  Every time I go in, I spend way too much money and come home with far too much chocolate.  It’s probably just as well that I don’t go in very often! On my last

Friday Tea and Chocolate: Wild Sweets Classic Caramels

Friday Tea & Chocolate: Wild Sweets | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

What is better than a box of chocolates?? A box of chocolates delivered to your door! Last week I received a box of chocolate caramels from Wild Sweets that I couldn’t wait to open up. You may remember that I wrote about Wild Sweets on a previous Friday Tea and Chocolate when I reviewed the Wild Sweets Cinnamon Caramel Hazelnuts & Smoked Salt Bar, which I

Friday Tea & Chocolate: Blueberry Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

Blueberry Matcha Green Tea Smoothie | eyes bigger than my stomach

Green tea matcha powder is like the super hero of teas.  Add it to a breakfast smoothie to get a jump on your day! I drink green tea by the vat.  No joke. Obviously, it’s the drink of choice when you sit down for a sushi lunch, sushi snack, sushi dinner… and if you live on Canada’s west coast you eat a lot of sushi. 

Friday Tea & Chocolate: Strawberry Chocolate Iced Tea

Strawberry Chocolate Iced Tea | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

Strawberry chocolate iced tea isn’t your every day iced tea but this rooibos tea from Republic of Tea makes a delightfully refreshing glass of cold tea on a hot day!   Do you ever make jam water?  You know, how when you empty a jar of homemade jam, but there’s always some left at the bottom and on the sides of the jar that you

Friday Tea & Chocolate: New Green & Black’s Chocolate Bars

Green & Black's Burnt Toffee and Sea Salt Bars

About a month ago I attended Grocery Showcase West with Sean – he received an invite to attend and he brought me along for kicks.  Having spent years and years (and years) in retail, I knew exactly what to expect but Sean had never been to an industry show before.  It made for an interesting afternoon. Basically, GSW is where big grocery brands introduce their

Friday Tea & Chocolate: Pure Leaf Iced Tea

Friday Tea & Chocolate: Pure Leaf Iced Tea | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Tea and Chocolate post.  In fact there hasn’t been much posting around here at all!  But the winter has come to an end and some of my biggest projects for the year have wrapped up and I’m actually starting to feel like picking up my camera again. The best part is the weather! It’s finally spring

Friday Tea & Chocolate: Wild Sweets Cinnamon Caramel Hazelnuts & Smoked Salt Bar

Wild Sweets Chocolate Bar

Wild Sweets is a “new to me” chocolatier that I stumbled on, once again, in Urban Fare.  I was looking for my usual favourite salted caramel bar and when it was sold out, I thought I would give this Cinnamon Caramel Hazelnuts and Smoked Salt bar a try (that’s mouthful in its own right!).  I was surprised to learn that Wild Sweets is actually a