Inside My Studio: Crayons, Markers and Pens For Colouring and Doodling

10 Great Colouring and Doodling tools 2

One of the most common questions I get asked, mostly on Instagram, revolves around what pens and markers I use for my 10 Minute Doodles on Instagram and my bigger art projects. I know when you walk into an art supply store it can be frightfully overwhelming to a newcomer (or even an experienced artist if you’re moving to a new genre!), not to mention, there

Morning Smoothie Starts

Pineapple Green Smoothie | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

Sometimes, when I come across something out of the blue that piques my interest, I can become a little bit obsessive with it. Like the time I fell in love with West Side Story and listened to the soundtrack over and over and over again. Or when I discovered Old Navy’s ribbed tank tops and bought them in every colour I could get my hands on (seriously,

Friday Tea & Chocolate: PB&J Cookies With Reese Spread

PB&J Cookies with Reese Spread | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

This week’s Friday Tea and Chocolate is all about the chocolate with PB&J Cookies made with Reese Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread. This post is sponsored by Hershey’s Canada. I’ll admit it… I’ve been avoiding baking cookies lately for one reason and one reason only… I tend to eat them all after baking them.  Which would be fine, I suppose, except that I can’t really afford a

Friday Tea & Chocolate: Some Fun Tea Links

Homemade Iced Chai Latte | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

  I haven’t done a Friday Tea and Chocolate post in quite a while – ok, let’s be honest: I haven’t posted much of anything in a while. But that’s ok.  Sometimes you need a break from things in the summer.  Plus, it has really been so hot that I haven’t done much tea drinking at all.  When it’s really hot, like it has been all

What 100 Days Can Do

What 100 Days Can Do | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

What can 100 days do?  No really… what can you do in 100 days?  Where does it get you? I mean… it doesn’t sound like much. Anyone could do 100 of anything.  100 jumping jacks.  100 photographs.  100 words.  It’s such a small number that it feels totally achievable and yet, so achievable that it almost creates a “why bother” attitude… it’s not enough to really

Where Women Create Business

Where Women Create Business | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

It’s been very quiet around here, I know.  But a lot of things have been happening behind the scenes so I have an excuse.  And today I get to share some of it with you! First of all, I’m so excited to be able to finally tell people that I’m being featured in the summer issue of one of my favourite magazines, Where Women Create Business by

Friday Tea & Chocolate: Tea Leaf Co.

Friday Tea & Chocolate: Tea Leaf Co | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

  A couple of months ago I was introduced to Tea Leaf Co (TLC… cute, no?) while chatting with a few people on Twitter.  When the company overheard the conversation, they offered to send me a sample of a few of their teas to try and well.. who can say no to tea?  Not me! I was only expecting two or three samples but they

Weekend In My Studio: Half Way Through The 100 Day Project

50 days of the 100 Day Project

I’m a wee bit more than half way through the 100 Day Project now.   Today will be day 55 and I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a groove with my 100 Days of 10 Minute Doodles.  It was fun to go back and look at them all in a group when I hit the 50 mark and got it got me thinking

Dining In Toronto – My Current Downtown Favourites

Places to Eat in Downtown Toronto

The last year has seen me spending a lot of time back east with multiple stops in Toronto and Montreal. And that has meant a couple of things: a lot of sleeping on a friend’s couch and a lot of dining out!  Today I’m writing about some of my current favourite places to eat in the Toronto downtown core. I’ve spent so much time working

Weekend In My Studio: A Whirlwind Week Through Toronto

Weekend In My Studio: A Whirlwind Week In Toronto | Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach

Getting ready to go away is always a bit of a crazy mad rush.  The last two weeks have been a blitz of doing personal taxes, closing year end for one of the businesses, and getting a jump on content for FBC before heading off on a two week working road trip of Toronto and Montreal.  It’s meant the blog has been a little quiet. Having