About Melissa


Melissa & Sam

I think it’s safe to assume if you’ve made it here it’s because you’re curious about who rambles on in these parts.  So let me introduce myself!

I’m Melissa Hartfiel – a small business owner, freelance  designer, artist, photographer and writer, who happens to love food.  This space lets me do all of those things in one place and that makes me happy.

What have you stumbled on?

Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach started out in 2010 as an after hours space for me to be creative on my terms after spending my work days creating for clients.  I was (and still am) a little obsessed with photographing my food and I wanted a place to share what I was learning.  I didn’t even know that food blogging was a “thing” when I started!

Slowly Eyes Bigger morphed into a full blown food blog.  But since late 2014, I’ve started pulling the site back to it’s roots: food, photography and my creative life.

You will find lots of recipes on the site, especially cookies.  I adore cookies (and Cookie Monster).   My favourite?  It’s a tough call because they’re all my favourites at some point but anything with ginger in it is a winner in my book, like my take on the Giant Starbucks Ginger Cookie,  or my cousin Cat’s recipe for Cornish Fairings.  Cookies also go well with my two other food obsessions: tea and chocolate.

I love creating food photography resources (like how to find food photography props on a budget!) and tutorials (I originally started out in university to be a teacher!).  Creating photo essays – usually they’re food related – is another one of my passions and how I like to share my travels, culinary and otherwise.  I’m also a collector of graffiti images from every city I visit.  Of all art forms, it’s probably the one that creates the biggest physical reaction I have to art.

As somebody who creates for a living, creativity in all it’s forms is extremely important to me.  I believe creativity runs deep and fast in every single one of us – some of us just don’t recognize it in ourselves yet or haven’t found the right outlet for it.  But it’s there!  So creativity and my creative process is something I like to write about and share as well.  And every few weeks, I like to virtually invite my readers to  spend a weekend in my studio where I share my artwork, my drawing and my 10 Minute Doodles.

The Professional Stuff

In 2006 after spending too much time in retail and IT, I went back to school to do what I really love: design.  In 2008 I started freelancing as a web designer and in 2010 I launched my design studio, Fine Lime Designs, where I now specialize in graphic design and small business branding and provide blog consulting.  I work with a lot of small businesses and bloggers with a focus on the arts, tourism and, of course, food.  You can check out my portfolio if you think you might like to work with me (yes, it’s a shameless plug!).

I photograph and style food professionally for the likes of Sharwood Foods, Tree of Life and Tourism Mexico, and others.  I take photos of a lot of other things too – I can’t help it, it’s a compulsion!

Along with Ethan Adeland, I also co-founded and run Food Bloggers of Canada,  a member based resource community for nearly 1900 Canadian food bloggers.  We work to bring Canadian food bloggers together and connect them with brands and opportunities while helping them grow their blogs and build a strong food blogging community.

Melissa and Sam

The Random Stuff

Here it is… random things about me:

  • I live just outside of Vancouver, Canada and have for over 30 years with brief stints in London, England, northern British Columbia and Vancouver Island
  • For almost my entire life I have lived within 10 minutes of the ocean and surrounded by mountains.  No matter where I travel, if one or the other isn’t there, I feel a void.
  • I have a very slobbery lovable lab named Sam who appears here a lot (that’s him in the photos – isn’t he handsome?)
  • I’m on a quest for the. best. mac and cheese.  The BEST.
  • I love old signage, abstract shapes and loads of colour
  • I finished NoNoWriMo in 2006 – only 2 people other than me have ever read what I wrote.  It’s gonna stay that way!
  • I have scars next to each eye from totally different incidents
  • If I could wish to do one thing in this world really really well, it would be singing.  But that ain’t happening.
  • I’m a music obsessed book junkie who loves British television mysteries, art galleries and who has a warped sense of humor that nobody gets except my brother (it’s likely genetic)
  • I make up words when I can’t find one that fits – you’ve been warned
  • I own too many pairs of Chucks and I’m obsessed with boots