Pomegranate Persimmon With Honeyed Yoghurt

Pomegranate Persimmon With Honeyed Yoghur

When January arrives I crave white, bright, and clean lines.  I can’t get enough.  I want to dive into an Ikea catalogue and live there.  I want everything streamlined and free of clutter and “things”. I don’t know why.  I think maybe it is, in part, to battle the eternal grey of Vancouver in the early days of a new year.  Gone are all the lights and festivities of December that kept the gloominess at bay and dull, dark grey seeps in everywhere.

There is something about the white of January light that isn’t matched in any other month.  It’s cold but I think that’s why it appeals to me.  I want to stretch out in it and expand.

And in the spirit of stretching and expanding, Eyes Bigger got a small facelift over Christmas.  Not as big as I had hoped due to time constraints and a January that is so busy I almost start hyperventilating at the thought of it.  In a way, the fact that I got the bulk of it done is a weight lifted off my shoulders.  My web design business got a site makeover in the early fall that was over a year in the making and that I’m so pleased with.  Now I feel more like Eyes Bigger fits in with the whole overall theme I wanted to go with.  White, bright and light.

But more importantly, I wanted to organize my content better, pull focus to some things and blog more purposefully (is that overused? Probably).  This blog was always meant to be about food photography, from day one.  Recipes were secondary – I’m not a recipe developer and don’t pretend to be.  It was to be my journal of learning and improving and sharing my photography.

I want it to still be that.  Recipes will still be here but they won’t be the focus.  I love to cook and bake and I will include the recipes I use and experiment with here.  But I want to focus more on my first loves, photography, design and writing.  I want to use them to explore more food stories and experiences.

I love putting together my photo essay posts.  Telling stories with them.  I think that’s what I’m meant to do.  That’s probably why I’m a designer… we tell stories and make statements with imagery.   So there will be more of those this year.

pomegranate persimmon with honeyed yoghurt

I’ve had so many opportunities this past year to experience and photograph some pretty cool food adventures. I already know from January’s calendar, that there will be many more this year.  I want to share them with all of you – to show you more of my beautiful city, the cities I travel to and my friends and family who love food as much as I do!

I’m also so excited for Food Bloggers of Canada’s very first Canadian food blogging conference.  Organizing an event like this is definitely in the category of stretching and expanding.  If nothing else, it has only confirmed just how vast this country is and more importantly, how diverse it is.  And, I will be speaking at the conference, along with my colleague Dave Zille! Another first for me – and what a lineup I’m joining!  I want to share some of that with you too!

When I was working on reorganizing the site, I spent some time reading my old posts from when I first started out and they were much better written.  I took the time to get my words right instead of dashing something off haphazardly just to get that post up so I could focus on Fine Lime clients and Food Bloggers of Canada.  Eyes Bigger became a chore and I got caught up in the whole food blogging “thing” of trying to keep up with what everyone else was doing.  I’ve never got caught up in what others are doing in my life – I’m exceptionally ornery and stubborn that way.  The fact that suddenly I was worrying about the Jones’s, made me upset.  I want to focus on my words and choose them carefully and write posts that come from inside me and mean something to me.

Ok, and seriously?  Tea! And chocolate!  Who doesn’t love these two things?  For over a year I’ve been taking photos of my teas and the chocolate bars I hoard collect and then eat.  I’m creating a new tea & chocolate section just to highlight my favourites.  And I hope you’ll shares some of yours with me!

pomegranate persimmon with honeyed yoghurt

Last but not least, I want to focus more and more on helping you all with your food photography.  I see it nearly everywhere – we hear it at FBC over and over: I want to improve my photography, how do I improve my photography? etc etc.  Every food blogging forum or community I visit has numerous mentions of it.  So, there will be more tips and tricks, more food photography resources, more post processing tutorials.  And after several requests, I may even venture out and teach a live class this year in Vancouver.  We’ll see about that 😉

I’m hoping that the new layout will encourage readers to browse and to find the resources they need to help with their food photography trials and tribulations. I think it still needs some tweaks in that area but it’s better than it was.  If you head on over to the home page, you’ll get a better idea of what I mean.

But, I also hope that you all get lost here in some good food stories and that they inspire all of you to have your own food adventures with family and friends (isn’t that what food is about?  The great connector of people?) and to even capture them in whatever way you see fit!

In the meantime, I leave you with this super easy dish.  I hesitate to even call it a recipe because it’s just chopping up fruit! But it was so simple and so tasty and it reflects my whole love for white, light and bright this time of year.  The pomegranate arils are beautiful pops of flavour when you crunch on them

Pomegrantes and persimmon with yoghurt

Pomegranate Persimmon With Honeyed Yoghurt
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 1
  • ¼ cup of pomegranate arils
  • ¼ cup of finely diced persimmon
  • ½ cup of plain greek yoghurt (or any yoghurt you like)
  • 1 tsp liquid honey
  1. mix everything together and dive in!

Food Photography Tips

I simply can’t look at another dark and moody food photo right now.  They are EVERYWHERE.  It’s beautiful in October and monstrously depressing in January. It seems everyone is jumping on the band wagon, just like they did with the light airy picnic feel that was so popular a year ago.

Me and a friend were giggling the other day that it also seems everyone has their tripods permanently stuck in the direct overhead shot position lately.  All I can think of when I see photos like that is how all that food was probably sitting on the floor! tee hee.  I say this with a giggle because I’m very guilty of this too – but my dog thinks it’s half awesome (food! on the floor! omg omg omg… this is the best day ever!) and half not awesome (why is she making me go away? why do I have to stay on my bed? how come i never get to do anything fun?)

These images were not shot on the floor.  They were all shot on my dining room table with a lot of white boards and morning light.  That’s it.  The overhead photo I took standing on a dining room chair with no tripod.  Sometimes that’s just easier (though not necessarily as sharp as it could be!)


  1. Corinne says

    We have a lot of grey weather at the moment, so I can understand your craving for light and colours. This recipe looks really yummie, I think I’ll try it tomorrow.

    • Corinne says

      we tried it and it was quite a success. I might have added a bit too much honey, but as there is only a little fruit left but lots of yoghurt I will eat the rest for breakfast tomorrow without any additional sweetening.

      • Melissa says

        the yoghurt I used was Oikos greek style and it already had honey in it. it’s always tricky to figure out how much you need to add. Glad you liked it though!

  2. says

    Alright, this post is making me feel like a pair of stretched out sweatpants. I’m basically so excited about everything that you’ve mentioned that I find myself wanting to lie upon a couch doing nothing – because I don’t even know where to start. I’m pretty excited about your 2013 – because I’ll be along for the ride…

  3. says

    I get you about the dark, moody pics. Mine havve been going in that direction, but weirdly its been less because of style and more to do with how depressed I wad feeling with the weather and life in general! Like you, I wss feeling like I had just lost that joy that comes with a beautifully written post and I was just rushing out posts for the sake of keeping up with the Jones’… But when I was reflecting on this phenomenon through the last months, I realised one big thing… I AM the Jones’. Well, literally, seeing as my surname is Jones, haha, but also that I should be my own person and do what makes me happy. And that’s certainly helped me rediscover my passion and creativity both in the kitchen and in the writing room in my head!

    LOVE your redesign. Its great to see all your tutorial posts in one place, makes my life a lot easier 😉

    • Melissa says

      haha… you are indeed the Jones’. I think a lot of bloggers have been feeling the same way. It’s probably good that we all step and back and take stock!

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