Old Out, New In

frozen water drop

2012 has left the building.  At first, I wasn’t very sad about that thought.  It wasn’t a horrible year by any stretch.  But it wasn’t a stand out either.  It felt very… bleah.   I don’t usually do recap posts (and this isn’t one either!) but I toyed with the idea of picking 12 of my best/favourite photos for the year and posting them here.

shadows on the beach

I used to do a year end iMovie of my favourite images of friends and family to music but the last few years it’s fallen by the wayside.  When I started looking through this year’s photos, it occurred to me that I should do another one.  And that’s when two things happened…

beach at sunset

First, I noticed that about 80% of my photos are food.  The friends and family images were almost non-existent.  And that made me sad.  But, second, the images I did have reminded me of so many good things this year… and that made me happy.  And suddenly, the year didn’t seem quite so “bleah” after all!

The images above these words were taken the day before New Year’s Eve.  The Divine Ms N and I took our dogs to Iona Beach for the afternoon.  It has the best sunsets in all of Vancouver.  There was beautiful sunlight and dark menacing clouds, depending on which way you looked.  One of my goals for 2013 is not to focus on photographing food so much.  Or rather, to focus on photographing other things, including the people I care about, more.

Most of my goals revolve around my businesses and growing them in a healthy way.  And for taking time out to completely disconnect and recharge and refuel my creative soul.  It’s been badly neglected the last two years and when you make your living as a creative person, that is not a good thing.

But mostly, I want to make the world around me prettier and hopefully help others do the same and slow down while I do it, so that I can appreciate it and really “see” it more.

I’m also morphing things around here too.  You may have noticed, it looks a bit different.   I’ll talk more about that in my next post.  Things are a-changing!

This last set of photos below were taken on New Year’s Day at a spot called Mud Bay along the Pacific.  It’s a migratory bird path during the winter.  I love it in winter.  It makes me feel removed from the rest of the world and very peaceful.  Enjoy – and happy new year!

Foggy landscape

Mud Bay beach in the fog

Pacific Ocean in the fog

water droplets on trees

windy creek in the fog


  1. says

    I have more photos of cookies than I do of family and that’s just not right. I like your goals for this year and wish you all the best. I know you will achieve them. Thanks for sharing them and your beautiful photos with us.

  2. says

    I like what I’m reading here – and how you’re seeing things. And that first photo? Lady, I’d hang it on my wall. It is one of the prettiest things I’ve seen in a very long time…

  3. says

    Beautiful photos and a beautiful post! I also noticed a distinct lack of friends and family in my photos this year. Sometimes I’m so busy staring at my plate that I don’t look up and see who I’m eating with.

    Looking forward to what your blog has in store for the new year. And for FBC!!

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