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two banh mi and a honeydew smoothie

Disclosure Notice: I Was provided with one complimentary dining pass for the purposes of reviewing the package, courtesy of  All opinions stated within are my own.

Yes, I know, I just did a package and I don’t usually like to do two so close together but… come on… Banh Mi?  At DD Mau?? Oh yeah… I wasn’t letting this one pass me by.

DD Mau Banh Mi

I have heard nothing but good things about DD Mau since it opened in Yaletown along Pacific Boulevard – fresh local seafood and meat and amazing spices.  So I was looking forward to giving this package a try.

The package is a lunchtime or casual dinner package that you’ll likely want to take out (they do have limited inside seating) but for $9.50, it’s a steal of a deal:

  1. Grilled Lemongrass Chicken, 1/2 grilled chicken thighs + pickled veggies + cilantro + sweet-chili aioli jalapeno
  2. Crispy Roasted Pork, 1/2 crispy roasted pork + sautéed scallions + pickled veggies + cilantro + garlic aioli jalapeno
  3. Smoothie, your choice of avocado or honeydew

Make sure you pick up a pile of napkins with your order because you are gonna need them.  There is some serious sauce happening in these sandwiches and it got messy – messy but oh so good.

Pork and chicken Banh Mi

We decided to head in after the lunch rush, around 2pm, thinking it would be really quiet and good for taking photos. When we walked in, we were indeed the only people inside But as soon as I ordered a steady stream of people came in and went while I ate.  That’s a good sign in my books!

The baguettes were perfectly crispy and held all that sauce perfectly without everything getting soggy.  The veggies were all ridiculously crunchy (I mean that in a good way).  But the meat in both was the star.  Juicy and tender with the pork having the delicious little crispy roast bits.  And the whole thing was packed with flavour.  I really enjoyed both kinds, although I think I might give a slight edge to the chicken with the lemongrass flavour coming through.  (The roast duck one on the menu looked really good too…)

For my smoothie I chose the honeydew and this was my only disappointment.  It was very tasty but, it was a miserable rainy cold day and I’d rather have had a warm drink.  We stayed and ate in but I still had most of my smoothie left when we headed out and by the time we had walked from Pacific to Granville, the entire thing had clumped up and was so solid I couldn’t drink it anymore.  I wound up having to give up on about half the drink.  Next time I’ll try one in the summer!

DD Mau Menu Board

One look at their menu board and I know this is now going to be my go to lunch place when I’m in the neighbourhood.

The DD Mau/ Give me Mau package is on sale right now until Feb 28th and as I said, at $9.50 it’s really solid value for an excellent fresh lunch or quick dinner.   Definitely one of your better choices. You can get your here!

You can find DD Mau at 1239 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver a hop, skip and a jump from the Roundhouse/Yaletown Skytrain station.


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    Um… I love banh mi so much! I wanted to head out to a foodtruck to grab one for lunch, but we have another hurricane on the way right now! I am super jealous.

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