Well Hello Two! Eat Some Cake!

Three layered cake

Today is my little bitty blog’s second birthday.  And you know what’s funny? I got the date wrong.  I thought it was tomorrow.

Apparently I rank right up there with the ex-boyfriends who could never remember my birthday!  And the irony of that is… today actually IS my birthday.

Irony running all over the page here.

Anyway, we’re not talking about my birthday here because it’s one that ends with a zero – as my mum just called to remind me about – and I stopped celebrating zero ending birthdays 11 years ago.

So, happy birthday little bloggie.  There are too many Leos living in this house already but somehow, we all manage to co-exist.

birthday cake and lemonade

Why yes… there is another Leo in this house.  His name is Sam.  You may have heard about him. It was his 3rd birthday on the 28th.  3 is supposed to be the magic age where labs just suddenly chill out.  I’m still waiting…

I have to say, he’s more of a Leo than I am.  He’s a little attention whore, extremely outgoing and it’s all about him.  Definitely has the whole Leo royalty thing happening.  I’m a little more reserved.  (although secretly, I like to think it’s all about me – it is, right?  right??).

However, we do share the traits of stubbornness (did you know stubbornness is spelled with two ns?  I just learned that now through the magic of spell check!) and liking pretty much any food that makes its way in front of us.

This is us last week on our annual “Melissa and Sam Birthday Portrait Session”.  He hates these sessions.  They involve a lot of bribery.  The only reason he is even looking at the camera is because there’s a dog treat right behind it.  Basically his attitude is “mum, this is dumb.  we should play!”  Don’t you love the one where he’s all serious?  Like that’s how he is in real life? He’s a very good actor for the camera.

He’s pretty cute when he sticks his tongue out

I only ever ask for one thing when people ask what I want for my birthday: flowers.  So to my lovely bestest chum and her two little bugs, thank you for this pretty bouquet of buds that just appeared on my doorstep. :)


And as much as I’d love to take my birthday/blogaversary off, I’m only getting a half day.  Something about if you want to eat cake, you need to make some money.  So I earned money this morning and now, now I’m eating cake.

That’s right.  Cake. Dulce de Leche Cake.  With lots of caramel. On a fancy plate. With a glass of lemonade.

And quite frankly, I’m not sharing.  Sorry. (not even with Sam)


  1. says

    Happy birthday to all the Leo’s in the house. You and Sam look great, the pictures are adorable and your friends are super special to send you flowers. I love the look of your cake! Sincere best wishes to you, to Sam and to your blog. Looking forward to another fabulous year :)

  2. Karla says

    Happy Birthday!! to you, Sam, and the blog :-)
    You’ll have to tell me where you got the cake … looks super yummy

  3. Cristina says

    Awwww, Melissa!! I’m sorry I missed your birthday! Happy belated Birthday to you, sweet Sam and your blog. A Leo…I knew there were even more reasons why we like so many of the same things. I’m on the cusp of Leo/Virgo so I enjoy the best of both! :)

    I hope you did something insanely fun and memorable for your birthday! I LOVE the looks of this dulce de leche cake!

    My friend, have a fantastic rest of the week…and you know the rest of August is still part of your birthday…right? :)

    xoxo -Cristina

  4. says

    Well, happy birthday to all three of you :) Your blog’s certainly been an inspiration to me, and so have you and Sam’s been yours, so it’s all nice and happy :)

    Enjoy that cake… mmmm!! Is a recipe forthcoming?

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