Pongky Party 2011

Just what is Pongky anyway??

A new post! Finally!

Life got in the way a bit the last week and a half and I had to take a time out from the blog.  I do have lots of new stuff in the pipeline but haven’t had time to get to it.  But it is coming – I promise!

Ok, so first things first… what the heck is a Pongky Party?

Honestly? I don’t have the faintest idea. Hahaha.  I’m really not sure what a Pongky is.

So, let’s take a step back in time.  Some of you may remember back in May, while I was in Toronto for work, I had the chance to go for dinner with Ethan from Feeding Ethan and Mardi from Eat. Live. Travel. Write.

Dinner was great and we had a lot of fun and I made two really terrific friends out of the night.  However, there is a dark side to Ethan and Mardi…

Any closer to figuring it out??

That’s right, you heard me.  A dark side.


They went prop shopping without me.

Mmmmhmmmm… I mean, really… how rude was that?  Come on.  Seriously.  They went prop shopping and then flaunted all their goodies in front of me while all I could do was nod my head and make nice noises of appreciation all while I was fuming that they didn’t take me.

Whatever.  What-ever.

Hahaha.  I’m just kidding (sort of… mwaha).  They did, however, have the niceness (I made that up… niceness) to bring me a present from their shopping adventures.  A pink and white gingham Pongky Plate!  And they had each bought one for themselves.  Because they had a plan… that’s right… a plan…mwahahahahahahaha. We would all do a “Ponkgy” post with our new props and publish them the same day.

Now, obviously, we don’t move at the quickest pace with these things so it’s taken us a few months to get our acts together… not to mention that Pongky Plates are not the easiest props to build a food photo around.  My idea came to me while I was making the S’mores Bars and I spilt the bag of marshmallows.

Me either…

It’s been a fun little inside joke with us for the past few months and you can check out Mardi’s post and Ethan’s post as well (to get the full “party” effect).  As an aside, none of us have shared with the others what we’re doing.  I know M and E are both making something.  I just took photos of food :)

And if any of you have even a clue what a Pongky is, we’d all love to hear from you!  (I just hope it’s nothing dirty or obscene – it can’t be can it it?  Not with cute little kitties on it, right?)


  1. says

    Oh my goodness – we are SO ALL ON THE SAME WAVELENGTH. Love love love this post and picture Melissa. Ethan and I clearly need to bring you trashy prop plates more often for you. The marshmallows are a stroke of (accidental) genius but they look lovely on the Pongky Plate. Perhaps I should have just bought some too….

  2. says

    No evil here…you were invited but you had to be all responsible and go to your conference! 😛
    We will all go prop shopping again, I’m sure of it!


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