A Few Outtakes

Pop Shoppe Pop - childhood memory

One of the hazards of being a photographer is, running out of harddrive space.  One food shoot can easily produce 100 images and at 7MB an image, with ususally 3-5 shoots a week… well you can do the math if you want.  I’m lousy at math.  I just know it’s lots.  And lots. When I shoot with a 5D MKll the images are 28MB each.  It gets crazy.

Oreo Cupcake from Cupcakes in Vancouver

I have a horrible habit of not deleting my reject shots when I edit.  I’m not talking about the “maybes”.  I’m talking about the blurry, out of focus, over/under exposed crappy shots.  I keep them.  It’s totally ridiculous.

So I’ve spent the weekend going through the year’s photos deleting the garbage.  And while I’ve been at it I’ve found some gems I’ve missed along the way and that’s what you see here.

Kahlua Brownies with Strawberries and Salted Caramel Sauce

The Kahlua Brownies with Caramel Chocolate Sauce is a shoot I did back in September and totally forgot about.  I’ll do a post for it soon.  The photo here is actually my favourite from the whole shoot except… I forgot to pour the caramel sauce on the brownies!  So it only gets Outtake Status!

Kinda neat though.  Three very different photos!  Back with more current things next time!


  1. says

    Looking forward to the Kahlua brownies post, our facebook fans were just wishing for such a recipe so please post it on our wall when you’re finished.

  2. says

    Oh my, your photos are amazing! I need to get better at this food photo thing … I love it, but I’m an amateur! :)
    I came on your blog hoping to find a recipe for those pierogies you mentioned in the comment about Christmas! Where is the recipe? :-)))

    • Melissa says

      oh i’m just an amateur too! still learning lots.

      I have a confession on the pierogies, we buy them! We found a brand that is really close to homemade. We do make the cabbage rolls by hand and the kielbasa and borscht we get homemade from a Ukrainian deli. I’m going to try my hand at the borscht though because I love it. Do you make it? Do you add meat to it or not?

  3. says

    I know what you mean about lots of pictures hanging around. I also like holding onto mine. :) Of course, it is also laziness for me.

    My biggest problem with pictures for my site is forgetting to take enough completed shots. I will take lots of the process and then sometimes just one of the cake/etc. and then just want to eat it! 😀

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